Why Balance Matters: Yoga, Raw Food, and the Importance of Tuning In

| 28 February 2016

Do you notice the spring equinox? On March 21st day and night are of equal length and after a season of long, dark evenings, rest and hibernation we begin the rapid journey towards the longest day and the bright nights of summer.

As you may know from social media we are hosting a retreat in the gorgeous Kent countryside in a magnificent country house surrounded by green green green! Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth and the perfect time to cleanse and become reacquainted with the rhythms of your body.

We are delighted to be co-hosting with the wonderful Laurella Fox-Pitt and are so pleased to be sharing some of her story and philosophy to get excited about the weekend!

“The intention of the retreat is to help us reconnect: with the Earth, Mother Nature, with each other and with our selves. If we can tune into nature and the abundance of healing she has to offer, we can access our vital energy and release any blockages.”

Laurella will teach yoga twice daily. In her own words “I teach Prana Flow™, an energetic creative vinyasa flow practice. My style is strong and balancing, working with pulsations and spirals, connecting us with the power of the breath whilst cultivating inner and outer strength and flexibility. Yoga is about Union. Reuniting with your true self. My classes offer you that time to slow down, dig deep, and get to know yourself a little better.”

We asked Laurella to share her yoga story “I came across yoga at drama school in 1999. Having grown up as an athlete and horse rider I found it physically very challenging as I was strong but with limited flexibility. It wasn’t easy but I knew innately that is was an important path for me.

Sixteen years on, why I practice has evolved enormously. I believe it has the power to free us, it takes us deep into our inner consciousness and shows us what is important. It just clears away all the rubble so we can shine.

During the retreat Aiste + Joel will be helping our bodies refresh and renew with a plant-passionate menu as well as providing lively holistic wellbeing workshops and leading a cacao ceremony with guided meditation and a deeply rejuvenating and healing sound bath.

It’s a perfect partnership as Laurella shares our approach to wellbeing: “Balance!”. She qualified her simple rule with “I love to bake and eat chocolate (usually raw) daily and if I don’t practice it’s not the end of the world! But I do know what makes me happy and what feeds my soul and that, I believe, is the key to wellbeing.”

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Interview + article by Hannah-Phoebe Bowen