Why You Should Consider Going Flour-less

| 31 January 2014

Do you eat cooked food occasionally? Love desserts? Don’t mind good quality dairy? But are either wheat/gluten intolerant or don’t like the effects of processed flour in your system?

This one is for you:

We’ve been working on flour-less (yet cooked) cakes and developed some AMAZING desserts.

There’re couple of reasons why we chose to develop this branch of desserts alongside our raw selection (and why you should consider eliminating as much flour from your everyday lifestyle as possible).

• Our guests love some traditional dessert: since the day we’ve opened we’ve had a following in its own right for our traditional tart and cake collection. We never felt too good serving flour products though. Even if the flour of our choice was organic rye, spelt and occasionally wheat. Even if they tasted divine to say the least:)

• Flour (we mean grain flour here) is an intense allergen for a lot of people. It is inflammatory to our cellular structure, especially digestion. Flour tends to be made from quite hybridised plants (event the organic varieties) which are deprived of their natural mineral content and have high level of sugar content.

• Flour-less desserts and other baked products are better for digestion, give more slow-burn energy and leave you feeling lighter. These cakes have richer mineral content and less sugar while maintaining a full-bodied yummy taste profile.

We developed the new range of cooked vegan and non-vegan flour-less cakes and other desserts based on coconut, nut & seed flours, sweet potato and pumpkin. Watch this space for some yummy flour-less recipes too!

If you got hooked on this idea and wanna explore more check out Paleo diet – they tend to go flour-less all the way an have amazing ideas for desserts and all kind of other dishes as well!

Now we wanna hear from you! Have you experimented going flour-less and how did you feel? Have you tried making any flour-less desserts at home?

Let us know!

With wild Love & Appreciation,

Aiste, Joel & the Wild Team