Wild Dandelion, Almond Milk and Apple Smoothie

| 18 April 2016

Did you know that fresh wild dandelion leaf is one of the best, most accessible, and local (natural) liver tonics? It is a perfect springtime food, cleanses the liver, strengthens the blood, and lifts our energy levels so, so much. This adaptogenic plant is packed with calcium, iron, antioxidants, and a wide-range of minerals and invariably helps us adapt to (and make the best of) changing seasons, balance our hormones, and strengthen our immune system.

It is bitter, yes, but definitely, definitely delicious – especially when putĀ in a smoothie like this.

So here it is, a very simple, delicious, and powerful spring smoothie to awaken all your senses, detox and clean your liver and sharpen your mind.

Dandelion, almond milk, and apple smoothie


(serve 2)

1 big bunch of dandelion leaves (pick them in forests, parks, and other remote green places)

juice of 0.75l apple juice

0.25ml-0.5ml refrigerated filtered or spring water

1-2 whole organic apples (optional)

1 whole organic lemon

1/2 cup of soaked almonds

small pinch of unprocessed sea salt

1-2 tsp of green superfood powder such as chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, etc. (optional)


If you have a high-speed blender, start by putting in a quartered apple and a whole organic lemon, between 30g-150g of dandelion leaves (depending on how much bitter you can handle) with 250g-50og of refrigerated water, soaked almonds and a pinch of salt.

Blend well until you get a smooth creamy consistency. Then add apple juice, extra green powder of your choice, blend for a few seconds, and serve right away.

Enjoy! xx

Aiste & Joel