Wild Food Cafe Love Story

| 28 October 2015

Have your first date at Wild Food Café and you never know where it might lead you!

We were touched to be tagged in an Instagram post by a couple celebrating their anniversary and engagement by returning to the place they had first met – Wild Food Café – and sharing a slice of our famous chocolate torte.

“Bahar and I met online. I had been in London for about three weeks”, Kris told us by way of background. “Bahar is a dancer and choreographer from Iran, she’s been in London for five years”

“Our first date was at Wild Food Café – Bahar suggested it, saying that there is a lovely cozy place with tasty food. I was happy to go, some friends of mine had been talking about raw food and I really wanted to try it. I had the ‘philosopher’s salad’, and Bahar had soup. We talked and shared a piece of chocolate torte with our tea. Bahar has a deep love for rose petals since they remind her of her homeland. And there they were on top of our chocolate tarte! We had a lovely and tasty start and then we went to a dance performance at The Place. It was immediately clear that we had a great rapport.

We met again a few days later, and then we started meeting twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Bahar became my guide to London.

A year later, we are engaged and planning our future, with a possible move to Sweden in the coming years. We celebrated our first anniversary by returning to Wild Food Café, having a great meal, and sharing a piece of that amazing chocolate tart with rose petals on top!”

We make no secret of the fact that our food can be wild and sensuous and we love to hear stories of it bringing people closer together.

Keep loving, keep connecting

With all our appreciation & celebration,