Wild Rawgust: Shopping List (week 2)

| 4 August 2015

First week of raw August and we are feeling so much vitality and joy both from the wild community doing it and from our own practices and kitchen experiments.

Here’s what we mostly enjoyed eating this week, what’s best in season and also what ‘pre-packaged’ raw food staples we love having in our fridge/cupboard:

Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes – heirloom varieties, we are loving them every day as the season here in UK is so short!

Cucumbers – perfect at this time of the year and great for dipping, noodling or making into more nutritious sides like this one.

Kohlrabi – loving them as veggie sticks, ‘pasta’ or ravioli ‘sheets’. By smaller ones as they tend to be softer.

Rainbow beetroot – same as above!

Spring onions – on everything



Fresh dill


Wild marsh samphire


Wild greens – whatever you can forage or get from your local wild forager. Last weekend we found glorious nettle tops in our local farmers market 😉

Figs – French or English



Colourful baby courgettes in all shapes and forms

Red/yellow romano peppers



Lemon / Lime

In our cupboard we currently looove having and using these staples:

Selection of various seaweed flakes & seaweed salads

Hulled hemp – instant creamy protein and optimally balanced omegas for every meal

Pine nuts – healthy fats and divine creaminess right there (We have pine nuts on special for the whole month!)

Selection of nuts/seeds

Sundried olives

Good extra virgin olive oil

Balsamic vinegar + apple cider vinegar

A selection of raw nut butters and tahini

Coconut milk/cream

Artisan raw honeys

Maple syrup


Pre-made raw food stapes we love:

Cultured tomato salsa and sauerkraut from The Cultured Cellar

Fermented cauliflower and other fermented products from Pama Raw Food Co

We make our own crackers but we love exploring other flavours so we tend to always have different flavour crackers from different companies

Raw hummus for snacking on the road from Living Kitchen (although the one we make at Wild Food Cafe is by far our favourite!!)

Raw chocolate from various different companies (we love exploring)

Coconut wraps/ raw wraps

Activated seeds/nuts from Raw Ecstasy

Buckwheat for making your own granola

Activated raw oats

For meal ideas tune in to our Instagram feeds where we not only post our own meals, cafe dishes but also share the best wild rawgust snaps from the community. You can find Aiste here, Joel here and Wild Food Cafe here.