Wild Rawgust: Shopping List Week and Meal Ideas

| 29 July 2015

Our favourite place to shop are farmers’ markets and you can find the one near you here.

Our second favourite place is all the independent health food shops dotted in busy, quiet, and unusual neighbourhoods in London. We are based in North London and our favourite is Earth Natural Foods. We try to avoid big organic chains and do our best to support smaller vendors.

We also order wholesale from Choice Organics and Infinity foods.

For dry goods, it is best to shop online. Throughout August we have special exclusive discounts on raw products in the Wild shop. Use discount code WildRawgust at checkout. We also like Funky Raw & Raw Living.

For tropical and global fresh produce we go to ethnical shops (China town, Brixton, Dalston, Peckham, Green Lanes, Notting Hill – you name it!)

Shopping list week one

This is just an example shopping list for inspiration. Try and do some planning around your meals and see what ingredients you are more likely to use.

We bulked together ingredients for juicing, bulk recipes, everyday staples, dry goods that will keep for longer and treats, of course;)

  • avocado – couldn’t live without, right?
  • greens – an everyday staple in juices, smoothies & salads
  • courgettes – everyday staple. full stop.
  • coriander/parsley – perfect for sauces, salads, and dips
  • celery – juicing, sauces
  • apple – juicing, breakfast toppings
  • cucumbers – juicing, salads
  • heirloom tomatoes – an everyday staple
  • sweet potato – great in more filling ‘meaty’ dishes & crackers
  • shallots – best flavouring ever for salads, sauces, dips, dehydrated goodies
  • shiitake mushrooms – perfect topping when marinated
  • red peppers – loving them stuffed with everything
  • garlic – perfect with everything
  • lemon – for juices, salads and everything
  • limes – for juices, salads and everything
  • raw oats – for perfect breakfast
  • buckwheaties – for perfect breakfast
  • fresh Thai coconuts – just yum
  • melon/watermelon – for an excellent mono-meal or as a base for a mega smoothie
  • bananas – will freeze 2/3 of them for smoothies and ice creams, the rest will use for breakfast and snacks
  • dates –  for snacking and smoothies
  • coconut milk – for sauces, dips, cheeses and smoothie bases
  • creamed coconut – as above
  • almond butter – as above
  • tahini – as above
  • pine nuts – love them (Get 15% discount at the Wild Shop using the code Rawgust)
  • frozen berries (wild blueberries & mixed) – for perfect breakfasts and smoothies
  • good quality olives – for snacking and main meals
  • ginger – for teas, smoothies, dressings, juices…
  • basil – pesto!
  • pine nuts – extra nutrient topping, perfect for milks on sale at Wild Shop!
  • red cabbage – for coleslaw and potential kimchi
  • hot chilies – for everything
  • butternut squash – for cracker bases and dehydrated goodies
  • fresh berries – snacks and breakfasts
  • sun-dried tomatoes – all savoury dishes
  • capers – all savoury dishes
  • fresh seaweed – all savoury dishes
  • nuts & seeds of your choice – the more the merrier (note, we prefer seeds as they are easier to digest) – always soak your seeds
  • raw cacao – of course
  • chia seeds – for chia puddings
  • raw sauerkraut and kimchi – for extra garnishes
  • treats like raw ice-cream, some raw chocolate, coconut wraps, and crackers;)
  • B12 supplement – we like this one as it made from freeze-dried whole foods and methylcobalamin is more easily absorbed. Take 500ug every other day or 2000ug per week. It’s important to take B12 when eating plant-based (or if you are over 50)

Meal ideas


Chia puddings, granola, fresh plant milks, fruit bowls, and smoothies. Our favourites are:

Simple hemp milk

Mulberry & blueberry supershake

Supercharged chia pudding


Wraps of any kind, dips, sauces, salads, and more are the best!

Radish & coriander salad

Seasonal tacos with parsley tabbouleh


More complex dishes or very nutrient-rich salads + a cheeky side guacamole and miso soup

Fennel & carrot salad with seaweed 

Courgette & kohlrabi spaghetti 

Dessert & Snacks

Everything goes or just a quick almond butter stuffed dates!:)

Strawberry & coconut Caprese

Pistachio & choc chip cookies